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VP of Growth at Revolut
London, GB
From clunky apps to hidden fees, banking is broken. So we decided to build a company from the ground that would challenge the bigger players and reinvent how people interact with their money — for the better.
Traditional banks are slow and expensive. Realistically, you’re nothing but a number to them with dollar signs attached. So, one continent at a time, we plan on changing this.
To put it bluntly — it’s about getting shit done and owning what you do. We don’t hide behind fancy job titles or set up bureaucratic processes. Instead we treat our people equally, fairly and give them a ton of freedom and autonomy to create something awesome.
We make mistakes, we learn from them and we back everything up with data and logic.
In three years, we’ve grown to over 700 people and we’re adding around 30 new additions each month. From engineers to marketers, we’re on the hunt for exceptional talent to help us scale our business and get Revolut in the hands of millions of people everywhere.
We look for Radically Better
When you join Revolut, it’s not just another job. You’ll have the chance to build something that really matters, with a team that will become like family to you. We’ll give you the freedom and tools to bring your absolute best, and the opportunities will be limitless.
We look for people who apply deep logic to their thinking and back everything up with data. We look for natural self-starters who see things through from start to finish, and who learn from every mistake.
Armed to the teeth with technology, we are diving deeper into the world of traditional banking, showing a lost generation that things can be done better. Things can be different. From tearing down financial borders to mending the broken trust, we are the disruption that is needed. 
Our growth approach
Our growth team works like special forces. They are bold. They never settle. They get **it done. From acquisition to engagement, they own their markets, they are passionate about Revolut and they go above and beyond to grow the brand, while focusing on consumers throughout their journey.  
Maintaining and constantly optimising the European Growth Machine
Leading the Regional Growth Managers, Marketing and Digital Marketing teams
Working closely with regional growth teams across Europe to set strategy for their regions and cities, supporting their growth efforts with tools and infrastructure, and leveraging learnings across Europe
Managing growth at scale by taking an analytical approach to problem solving and scaling growth through a customer-centric lens
Ensuring alignment within Europe for global growth initiatives
Working top-down to align RGMs to the global growth strategy
Working bottom-up to ensure alignment of the regional & global growth strategies
Setting up the dashboards and monitoring tools to ensure consistency of work, execution and reporting across the region
Articulating the strategy and vision for Revolut and delivering on it
Basic qualifications
Minimum of 10 years of business experience in marketing, business development or a growth
Experience in building and leading growing teams in a fast-paced environment, with willingness to invest in the development of your team members and to enable them to deliver on their KPIs
Advanced analytical skills and an ability to demonstrate the capacity of taking data-informed decisions in any situation to further drive growth
Relevant experience acquired by working in a high-growth environment
Excellent academic credentials, having a BS/MS in STEM or a related field
A passion for Revolut and growing the brand
Have successfully led growth/marketing teams from the early stages to late stage, high-growth companies
Preferred qualifications
Excellent organisational skills and an ability to manage multiple projects at once, making sure you meet the quality, resources and time constraints
Enthusiasm and drive for delivering resultsYou are an owner and a doer, biased towards action, that constantly pushes for clarity and simplicity
You worked closely with product teams on growth analytics and/or product
You’ll get to work in one of the hottest and fastest growing tech startups in the world right now
We’ll arm you with all of the latest tech equipment
Competitive salary & equity
Private pension plan
Free Revolut Metal subscription
Free dinners with Deliveroo
Fresh juice & soda all day long

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