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Robot Interaction Designer at Furhat Robotics
Stockholm, SE

For social robots, the time is now: they are no longer science fiction. All over the world - in homes, schools, hospitals, airports, shops, offices, banks, hotels, and more - social robots are being deployed today to help people lead better lives, support employees, delight customers, and add value to businesses. Humans are entering a new era where talking to machines, and interacting with them in our most natural ways (as if they were a person) is becoming 'normal'. But it's still early days in this revolution. The rules are still being written, and the road ahead is wide open. At Furhat Robotics, we’ve built an unparalleled integrated software and hardware platform that allows us to do things with our robot that no other robot can do. And that’s where you come in.


We are looking for a robot interaction designer to join our Interactions team. You will design the personality and interaction between social robots and human users for applications built on top of our social robotics platform. As part of the Interactions team, you will play an important role in designing how these new line of applications are built, combining the latest findings from conversational, graphical and virtual/mixed reality applications.


By joining Furhat, you will accompany us on a journey to create world-leading conversational robots that interact with us the way we interact with each other, and be in the driver’s seat of developing a new genre of applications between human and machines. You will be part of a very ambitious team of scientists, entrepreneurs and engineers building the most advanced social robotics platform on the market. Furthermore, you will be an early employee at one of the most promising and high impact startups, backed by some of Europe’s most prominent investors.


As a Robot Application Designer, you will:


Design social robot applications, and contribute to the design-process itself, on the Furhat platform


Creatively explore the design of new kinds of social robot use-cases, combining learnings from other disciplines and raising the bar on what is possible.


Contribute to building a common, reusable base of robot application building blocks such as NLU entities, dialog flows, personas, and emotional expressions


Support business developers with technical and design advisory in dialogues with existing and potential customers


Stay on top of the latest findings and research pushing the boundary of social robotics


Skills & Requirements

To be an ideal candidate, you must have:


Experience of building conversational applications such as chat bots, voice-controlled applications or social robotics applications


Developed user-experience design-thinking


Experience in building end-user facing applications


Experience of hands-on, rigorous user-testing


Good and pedagogical communicator in speech and text


Academic: Minimum a bachelor in a relevant field or equivalent experience


It would be great if you also:


Software development experience


Computer linguistics background


Have experience working with natural language understanding (NLU)


Have human-robot interaction (HRI) experience


Have game design experience


Speak multiple languages

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