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Paid Software Engineer/Computer Science Internship at Mimiro
Cluj-Napoca, RO

We are looking for one or more interns to help us build and optimise our SaaS-based anti-money laundering systems.

Every day we look to solve highly interesting and challenging problems that can help people better live their lives free from fraud, corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing. We have developed modern, web based applications that allow our growing list of international clients to detect, and ultimately prevent, illegal money transfers. We reduce crime and criminal activity through the creative use of technology & design and build innovative tools for the compliance industry while doing so.

We are looking for one or more software engineering/computer science/machine learning interns to come and help us build out our applications and platforms.


What does success look like during your internship?

  • You have written code, produced or manipulated data that gets pushed to production
  • You have familiarized yourself with our technology stack, and have detailed knowledge of how part of it works
  • You have worked with other team members to develop new ideas and improve our products


Does this sound like you?

  • You are passionate about technology and programming
  • You have outstanding problem solving capabilities
  • You are able to work as part of a team, though also responsible enough that you can work independently

What will I be doing?

We have a number of teams that are operating in diverse areas. We look to match each person’s interest and skills with the team and project that best matches what they do. Ultimately if you are passionate about technology, fascinated by what we do at ComplyAdvantage, and would enjoy working as part of a collaborative and high performing team, then please get in touch and we can discuss further.

How Long and when is the internship?

In the past internships have lasted anywhere from 2.5 months to 6 months. We find that 2.5 months is around the minimum time required for someone to have sufficient time to learn and deliver something of value.

We are looking to start in July and end in September for a 2.5 months period.

Our stack

  • Python is our primary language. If you don’t have experience in Python then that’s ok - we’re comfortable with people from other backgrounds so long as you’re willing to give Python a go
  • We are heavy users of AWS technologies
  • We use a number of systems designed for large amounts of data - ElasticSearch, Kibana, MongoDB, Kafka and Hadoop to name a few
  • The bucket list: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, many Python libraries and various third party products and platforms to optimise our development.

Our Teams

Our Platform team is responsible for providing the robust and scalable web applications to our clients. They eat high availability, four-nines and load balancers for breakfast.

Our Data Engineering team is responsible for ingesting, cleaning and processing our data collection processes and pipelines. They build systems to allow internal analysis, and manipulate it to ensure it provides the maximum functionality to our clients.


DevOps is the secret sauce of any great engineering team. They ensure everyone has access to the infrastructure and services they need and automate everything they can - database backups, environment replication, monitoring, logging and alerting, and sometimes even the coffee machine.


We’re a high performing team of engineers, data scientists, linguists, designers and researchers passionate about using technology to reduce financial crime.

The team values that ComplyAdvantage subscribes to include:

  • Continuous improvement - try new things, take risks, embrace failure!
  • Doing whatever it takes - we compete as a team, and win (or lose) as a team.
  • Being results driven - focus on the goals, and be hungry to win.
  • Working together effectively - be respectful, socially inclusive and friendly. Decision making should be inclusive.

Previous interns have told us that they loved working with us at ComplyAdvantage because of the technology stack, great team, exciting and ambitious products. If you’d like to hear more then please get in touch!

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