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(Senior) Software engineer at Curious AI
Helsinki, FI

Curious AI makes advanced AI products to solve real-world problems using the in-house developed state-of-the-art deep learning and reasoning methods.

Curious AI is a decidedly international, 25-strong deep tech startup in downtown Helsinki, Finland. We work in a flat organization, in nimble teams with engineers and scientists´ side by side, learning from each others’ strengths. AI moves at breakneck pace, so Curious AI is all about growth, every week. Internal courses, workshops, share, and present AI papers, and other cool tech.

We are looking for software engineers who are passionate about delivering intelligent and easy to use software solutions to the world. As a software engineer, you would be working in a small team of scientists and engineers to make this a reality. Your experience can range from a few years to a decade, we will adapt the role and responsibilities accordingly.

The work is about

  • Develop new features and applications containing the state of the art intelligent algorithms

  • Develop tests and automated test suites for software modules and applications

  • Design, develop and maintain data pipelines for efficient storage and processing

  • Maintain and optimize production systems

  • Develop easy to use web applications and API for our target users

  • Mentor scientists on how to implement efficient software packages

  • Learn new ways of delivering intelligent solutions to our target audience

We like to work with Python and the usual suspect machine learning libraries as well as cloud environments. We also have proprietary compute cluster to make sure our specialists have the fastest tools for the specific task at hand. We currently rely on Python 3, Pandas, Pytorch, Redis, AWS, Google Cloud, React, Vuejs, and Kubernetes.

More important than knowing specific tools, is that you understand the importance of writing beautiful code. Coding is a team sport. Code is communication. It should be clear, explicit and concise. Free of empty abstractions and noise.

Curious AI is a unique place for learning hands-on what it means to field systems with a machine learning heart. Join the adventure!

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