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Product Engineer at Qubit
London, GB

Join our community of engineers working with the latest cutting edge technology in a friendly and supportive environment. As a member of our Producing Engineering team your mission is simple: To use whatever technology is best for the task in order to ship great products for our customers. You will be given the freedom and autonomy to solve a diverse range of problems while also being able to influence the direction of what we build. Simply put, we love writing good code that delivers value to the business and our customers. Here is some tech we are particularly interested in at the moment:

  • React & GraphQL
  • Node.js
  • Go
  • Redis
  • BigQuery
  • DataFlow
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Webpack
  • Jest & Cypress
  • ReasonML


  • Write JavaScript that runs in hundreds of millions of browsers every day.
  • Build end-to-end products with JavaScript (Node.js, React, GraphQL) and sometimes Go.
  • Architect and build scalable microservice systems.
  • Understand business problems and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Instrument, test and deploy your code to production (we like to deploy multiple times a day).
  • Work closely with our product and design teams to discover the right product to build.
  • Work closely with operations and infrastructure to build and scale our applications.


There are many indications that some people only apply to roles when they meet all the qualifications for a role. We believe that ticking off a list of skills is not the only thing that makes a great applicant. Therefore, there is only one key requirement for this job: we are looking for people that love writing JavaScript, both on the server and in the browser. If that's you, then we encourage you to get in touch!

Culture & Perks

At Qubit we believe that culture has to be nurtured. Our engineering team is constantly iterating on how we build software to create an environment that is supportive, friendly and driven. We encourage activities such as cross-functional pairing so that everyone has the opportunity to learn both technical skills and problem solving techniques. We promote engineers having direct customer exposure so that everyone has a shared interest in product discovery, and we regularly experiment with new ways of working. As a valued Qubyte, you will also be entitled to the following perks:

  • Realistic performance related bonuses
  • Generous equity options
  • Excellent private health and dental insurance packages
  • A relaxed approach to time off and working from home
  • A bank of fridges fully stocked with healthy snacks and the ultimate espresso machine
  • Subsidised gym membership
  • Thank Qubit It’s Friday – we have lots of creative ways to let off steam at the end of the week
  • Per-employee budget for training and development
  • Pension scheme with contribution matching
  • Paid parental leave
  • Dedicated time for charity/community work via Pledge 1% -

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