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Fraud/AML Analyst at Rebtel
Houston, TX, US

Global migration is a 21st-century reality. Whether people are fleeing from something or racing towards better opportunity, following love or seeking new experiences, more and more are living in different environments and in new ways. We celebrate the power of people coming together. That’s why we connect ambitious people abroad with their families and friends back home so they can support each other emotionally and financially, and lead more enriched lives.

With a mobile banking app, and an international calling and top-up service, we design products with the needs of modern migrants in mind.

Our ambitious team reflects our international audience. We are a diverse group of people from over 40 different countries that come together every day—and we’re looking for others driven by the same desire to create meaningful products that bridge cultural and geographic distances.


We are looking for a Fraud/AML Analyst

  • Are you passionate about changing the world?
  • Are you looking for that rare combination: the spirit and excitement of a start-up with an already existing and continuously growing business in the back?
  • Do you love to help and see challenges from a holistic point of view?

The role:

This exciting role has just been created and we are looking for a superstar to join our Houston team. The role of a Fraud/AML Analyst entails crunching the data, accessing our systems and finding new and innovative solutions to prevent, monitor and eradicate fraudulent practices in our transactions and base. This also includes keeping our customers safe from external attempts to harm them.

The main responsibility will be to analyze all the data that is available and detecting suspicious and/or fraudulent activity, taking action and flagging or escalating complex cases. Proactively proposing ways of preventing this type of activity in the future is also within the scope of this role.

Other responsibilities will include collaborating with 2nd and 1st line support to get immediate feedback on suspicious behavior as well as developing and improving the processes to detect them rapidly.


  • University Degree or equivalent experience

  • Highly analytical mindset

  • Data analysis experience

  • You take ownership of your field. Once you are in it, you have a clear overview and make sure anything that is needed to achieve your goals gets done.

  • You are flexible. Focus and needs will shift over time to secure success and not lose any speed.

  • A criminal background check will be required for this position.

  • Not a must but huge extra points: 

    • Total fluency in both English and Spanish

    • Experience in fraud analysis, especially within the banking industry

We are looking for:

  • An analytical and structured individual

  • You can think like a crook. Ever see someone get caught and thought of a concrete way of how you could have done it better?

  • An independent quick learner. Before asking, you Google.

  • You are extremely curious. It's difficult to let go until you have figured out the exact story behind the numbers.

  • You are tech-savvy. Tech interests you and you are not afraid to try new technology. 

  • If something is urgent, you don't send an email and wait for the reply. You get up and look for the person who can fix it. Then you help them until it is fixed. 

  • You are not afraid to make evidence-based decisions and take immediate action. Headquarters will not be available 24/7 and you will sometimes need to call the shots on the spot. 

  • You thrive in a company that changes constantly. The work you are hired for might not be what you're doing in a week, a month or a year from now. And you think that's just how it should be.

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