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Helsinki, FI

We are looking for Research Scientists and Senior Research Scientists who can apply modern machine learning and deep learning to real-world problems and who can express themselves fluently in Python. In this important role, you build bridges between theory and practice, and will both further develop state of the art AI technology and apply it in real-world cases.

We expect you to have experience in working with complex real-world data, for instance, time series, computer vision, or natural language. Ideally, you should be capable of autonomous original research within a team.

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Lead development of intelligent algorithms among the team
  • Implement state of the art algorithms for our production system
  • Mentor other team members on how to work with complex learning algorithms
  • Implement efficient data handling code for learning algorithms
  • Learn about cognitive functions such as attention, neural memories, and planning

Senior Research Scientists have furthermore ideally finished their PhDs in a relevant field, and bring either a self-motivated research background or industry experience. We expect you to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of and plan AI solutions for identified real-world problems
  • Develop novel algorithms for freshly defined problems using PyTorch or Tensorflow
  • Follow the scientific AI community and write scientific reports or papers
  • Educate and spread knowledge of recent deep learning and AI technologies

Areas we are currently working on include Deep reinforcement learning, Few-shot learning, Online learning, Active learning, Natural language understanding, Planning, and Reasoning.

Sold? Or want to know more? In either case, please, shoot us an email with your CV and a free-form application.

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