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Data Scientist - FinCrime at Revolut
London, GB
Data sits at the heart of Revolut and plays a uniquely crucial role in what we do. With data we build intelligent real-time systems to personalise our product, tackle financial crime, automate reporting, track team performances and enhance customer experiences.
Fundamentally, data underpins all operations at Revolut and being part of the team gives you the chance to have a major impact across the company – apply today to join our world class data department.
You will work with the Financial Crime team. We are data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists, backend engineers and financial crime specialists solving some of the hardest anti-fraud and anti-money laundering problems in the world. Our team builds and deploys systems that tap into different data sources, interact with different parts of the infra and leverage machine learning and data to most efficiently protect all of our clients and ourselves. We are looking for a data scientist to help us better fight financial crime through developing and putting into prod online and offline algorithms that leverage our existing systems and the data. If you are skilled in formulating and solving business and machine learning problems, possess a passion for getting to the bottom of how things work and building solutions and have an aptitude for applied maths and data technologies, then this is your gig!
What you'll be doing:
- You will be responsible for getting to the bottom of what data tell us and building new business logic and machine learning models to fight fraud or money laundering. Our data scientists are end-to-end practitioners which are responsible for coming up with an idea, prototyping the model, implementing it in our pipelines and measuring its impact in production.
- You will work alongside a team of 10+ machine learning engineers and data scientists in Financial Crime and come up with innovative new signals, features and embeddings. At Revolut, we are firm believers in measuring and rewarding success, and your KPIs will be dictated by how much impact your work is having on the fraud and ML rates while not compromising our good users’ experience.
- Our data stack is based mainly on Python on the backend and Exasol as our data warehouse. We are hosted on GCP and our data scientists and engineers rely heavily also on DataFlow, Big Query, Airflow / Composer and Apache Beam for their machine learning data pipelines.
- You have a strong command of Python and write efficient code. We primarily use Python 3.7.
- You have experience in making prod machine learning solutions via internships or full-time roles.
- You have experience with creating metrics to assess the impact and health of a model/solution.
- You have a strong command of some flavour of SQL.
- Experience with methods from network science is a plus.
- Experience with Git, batch job management tools, CI/CD, containerisation (Docker) and Kubernetes is a plus.
- Experience with cloud-based infrastructure such as GCP or AWS is a plus.
We believe that there are better ways for people to control their money. Easier, fairer ways.
Revolut started in 2015 with fee-free card transactions abroad. We’ve since added current accounts, business accounts, savings, insurance, and even cryptocurrency trading.
We reached 4 million customers in February 2019 and we’re adding another million every quarter.
And we’re only just getting started.
Come and help Revolut build the world’s first truly global bank.
From employee 1 to employee 1000, you will be slotting into a global team that shares a number of traits.
You can work autonomously and take ownership. We thrive with the space and responsibility to solve problems.
You operate best without lots of bureaucracy. We don’t hide behind fancy job titles or clunky processes ‘because that’s how things are done’.
You approach work in a logical way. We are not afraid to make mistakes but we use data and logic to backup decisions and improve understanding.
And you share our mission to improve people’s relationship with their money.
• Competitive salary
• Biannual equity bonuses
• All the latest tech you need
• Skip the commute and work from home once a week
• Roll with a free Revolut Metal subscription
• Pension plan
• Private health insurance
• Don’t panic about cooking: get free dinners with Deliveroo
• Start the day properly with fresh fruit and cereals
• Stay refreshed: get juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks on tap
• Rest up with 29 days’ holiday per year

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