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Lead Product Manager at Hiya
Seattle, WA, US

Phone calls should be secure, engaging, void of fraud and robocalls. The phone app is the most outdated app on your smartphone. The phone network is the largest social network in the world and it lacks a trust and engagement layer. You should know who's calling you and why! You should get the calls that are relevant to you (at that time) and none of the ones that aren't. Hiya is building the modern layer for the phone call experience. We enrich calls for more than 100M+ people. Those include users of our apps, owners of Samsung phones, and subscribers of AT&T. Are you ready to help us get the next 900M users?

We are hiring an experienced product manager to lead an exciting and bold initiative. We live in a time of nuisance and fraud robocalls, yet, there are many calls you want to get. You want to know when the delivery will arrive. You want your bank to alert you when there is unusual activity on your account. You want to answer the phone when your kid’s school is calling telling you they got hurt.

Hiya Connect is a product for businesses to be able to identify themselves when they are calling consumers. It provides in-depth analytics and insights into their calling operations. And, it protects them from having their name or phone number exploited for fraudulent activity. As the Lead PM, you'll work with these businesses to understand their needs to help them succeed.

As a Lead Product Manager for the Hiya Connect team, you'll:

    Head the customer development process and learn everything there is to learn about why and how large, medium, and small size businesses call their customers, including the technical side of their call center operations;
    Collaborate with internal and external teams to define long-term strategy and objectives;
    Work with the engineering team, designers, and other product managers to establish quarterly goals, activities, and the key results to measure success;
    Participate in the creation of users stories, specs, roadmaps, and own the prioritization of tasks and activities;
    Represent the product (and the company) in visits to partners and customers;
    Participate and influence other products strategies and roadmaps;
    Work closely with customer success, sales, and operations teams at Hiya to improve customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

You don't have to check all the boxes, but we think these are important requirements for this role:

    Have many years of experience in building fast-growing enterprise and SMB products;
    Led products from ideation to multiple iterations to find product-market fit;
    Are analytically-minded, comfortable with data tools and using data dashboards as a value proposition to retaining customers;
    Have mastered the art of SaaS metrics;
    Personally led the user experience of comprehensive Web-based services to enterprises/SMBs in nascent product categories;
    Have exceptional communication skills (verbal, written, product copy, presentations, visualizations);
    Have worked at a startup (< 500 employees) in the last 5 years or you believe you'll excel in a startup environment (high ambiguity, high urgency, fast-paced, low support structure);
    Are proactive, decisive, and, when there are no data or facts available, your intuition is right more often than it's wrong;
    Demonstrated creativity and product ingenuity;
    Have a Computer Science (or equivalent) or an MBA (or equivalent) degree.

You'll take the reins of an untamed nascent and exciting market. We estimate that within a decade, this product will generate tens of billions of dollars annually. Millions of organizations around the world will make Hiya an indispensable aspect of their operations. With the full Hiya solution, we are delighting people by getting them the right calls, at the right time of the day, and letting them know who's calling and why.

Hiya is committed to diversity and inclusion. We aim to build a team with a variety of perspectives, identities, and professional experiences. It's our intention to assess each candidate only by the merits of their skills, competencies, and contribution to the organization.

This position is based in Seattle in our beautiful waterfront office, next to Pike Place Market.

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