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BI Engineer at GoCardless
London, GB

We are looking for experienced BI Engineers, from mid-level to Principal. As an experienced data professional you’ll bring your expertise to bear on our growing business, building out our data capabilities. Your key contribution will be to define and build GoCardless’s core data model to provide the foundations for BI excellence and downstream data-hungry teams and tools. You’ll create the underpinning models that enable deep insight into a fast-growing business and do so with scale and resilience in mind from day one. You’ll help people in all areas of GoCardless make better, faster, more data-driven decisions and develop an expert knowledge of all areas of our operation.  You’ll sit in our Product Development team and will work with technical and non-technical people across the whole company, from Operations to Marketing to Sales. You’ll collaborate closely with our team of talented BI Analysts, designing and implementing the foundations they need to provide first class analysis to the business.

The main elements of this role will involve:

  • Developing a coherent and performant core data model that transforms large, complex and disparate datasets into the basis for explorable, understandable and accurate data products
  • Building end-to-end BI solutions from ETL through to data modelling and on to front end dashboards
  • Working with engineers to prototype, design and build pipelines which take raw data from production systems and deliver them in a format suitable for analytic workloads
  • Working with people across the company to enable them to self-serve Business Intelligence through BI tools like Looker and Tableau
  • Building BI tooling that fully leverages the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery
  • Working closely with BI Analysts and Data Scientists to create a data architecture that powers their deep-dive analysis to both test specific hypotheses and generate new business insights
  • Working with our team of Data Platform Engineers to design and implement ingestion pipelines for new data sources, leveraging their tooling to expand the breadth of the GoCardless data warehouse


Who we're looking for

  • You can point to a solid track record as a developer of first class data tooling
  • You’re a self-starter - you take initiative in spotting opportunities and finding ways to solve challenges with data
  • You’re used to talking about your technical work in a clear way to others around you
  • You can turn complex business requirements into scalable, robust, explorable data products
  • You’re good at quickly getting a grasp of any dataset that you're working with
  • You’ll have experienced the technical challenges of setting up self-serve BI and be interested in the technology behind the scenes
  • You’ll be able to demonstrate how you have automated repetitive tasks and built robust ETL pipelines



  • You have commercial experience in a fast moving company
  • You have excellent SQL skills
  • You have experience of scripting languages like Python
  • Experience with Big Data technologies (e.g. BigQuery, Hadoop) and working with data at significant scale
  • You have a firm grasp of self-serve data tools like Looker, Tableau, QlikView or similar
  • You can communicate your work clearly to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • You are as comfortable sourcing data from third party APIs as you are with discussing data modelling approaches (Kimball, Star Schema etc.)


Our team come from a variety of backgrounds and we welcome diversity – if you’re unsure, please apply.

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